Tint moisturizer cream



Absolution Tint moisturizer cream  is a universal make-up and skincare treatment for those seeking a perfect complexion, healthy skin and natural protection from the sun and pollution.

Formulated with Tamanu, Green Tea, Thermus Termophilu and Aloe Vera, Absolution Tinted Moisturiser is the ultimate combination of make-up and skincare in one!

Tamanu, Thermus Termophilu (marine biological active) and Aloe Vera give a perfect tinted complexion and provide active cellular repair. Detoxifying green tea with its antioxidant tannins helps maintain the firmness of the skin and soothes irritations. Toning helichrysum extract reduces the dilation of blood vessels and minimises redness. Fucocer (which contains plant polysaccharide with high hyaluronic acid moisturising properties) soothes reactive skin.

Lightweight formula improves firmness and helps soothe skin irritations.Full of skin enhancing botanical extracts, Absolution Tinted Moisturiser leaves skin looking radiant, blemish free and toned with a perfect complexion and hint of colour coverage.

Tinted Moisturiser is ideal for all skin types, including delicate and sensitive skin types. Shades available:

  • ‘Medium’ is perfect for medium skin tone.
  • ‘Light’ is perfect for light skin tone.

No need to choose – no need to get lost in the versions of BB, CC, DD creams!

99% natural. 48% organic. Vegetarian. Free from parabens, PEG, phthalates, perfumes and synthetic colouring agents.

Certified organic by EcoCert.

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