Happy Valentine’s day gift

What is love? How do you know when you love someone? How to love yourself ?

These are the typical questions all of us made to himself especially when the day of Love is really near. We believe love should be express everyday and not only on Valenine’s day, but we adore special occasion. They are the perfect time to give a particular present, or just do something different to have a memorable day ( even by yourself ) !

As jewelry are “Girl’s best friends “ (not only girls, but also moms, wifes, and grandmothers), we did some researches and provide you a peak of some of the perfect jewelry made by ethical, and small brands.

Nias.Studio by Nicoletta Reggio

Common Era by Torie Tilley

Agmes NYC by Morgan and Jaclyn Solomon

Rock n Rose

Anita B Jewerly by Anita Berisha

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