Golden boy – Lewisland X Alis 1996

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Happy Valentine’s day gift

What is love? How do you know when you love someone? How to love yourself ? These are the typical questions all of us made to himself especially when the day of Love is really near. We believe love should be express everyday and not only on Valenine’s day, but we adore special occasion. They are the perfect time to give a particular present, or just do something different to have a memorable day ( even by yourself ) !

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Golden Boy Lewisland X Alis 1996

GOLDEN BOY Lewisland X Alis 1996

It’s been more than a month. Lockdown is far away from its ending. And we tried to be active anyway. Few days ago me and lewis, we went for a walk and took some shots. You know when you didn’t plan anything, just decided to have a bit of fun. And in the end the final having fun gives some great pictures than you can not wait to share. I never really tought in my life to work as a photographer, but in the last period I am really enjoying doing shooting and video. Here is “THE GOLDEN BOY “ Lewisland X Alis 1996. Enjoy!

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beasha studio

Bridgerton contemporary style

Now that Bridgerton has become the newest and most admired TV series, we have decided to propose you a research of the contemporary brands that could remind to the XVIII century wardrobe, in a modern way.

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Wrap Leather Puffer Dark Bronze, Frame

Top 5 Outwear

Winter has just begun. Few days ago was snowing in London and everybody went crazy for that. Because we have in front of us still 2 months of cold, wind and in some case snow, we decided to give you a small pick of what we think are the top 5 jackets, that you could use to stay warm this season.

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Daniela Ciobanu giveaway winner Alis 1996

Giveaway winner

Last month we launched a GIVEAWAY, on our Instagram page, which ended on the 15th of October. Many of you patecipated and we are glad for it ! Daniela won the competition and she definetly look stunning in our sand colour top. Here are some pictures of her wearing it.

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Music video “summer 1996 ” Lewisland

In October 2019 we had the pleasure to work with these talented singers for the shooting of their own video, “Summer 1996”. We started from scratch to find a concept and a moodboard and developed the creative direction and the styling.

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