Brand of the week – Coutille Lingerie

Now that we are forced to stay at home (again), there is nothing better to enjoy shopping great lingerie. Whether you live with a partner or alone, we want to give some sneak peak on some of the best underwear brands. One of these is Coutille lingerie, a lingerie brand founded by Hannah Farrugia Sharples. Established lingerie designer with specialist knowledge in creating product for the luxury market. Her main goal is to make every woman feel beautiful underneath their clothes. Every element of her product creation from the fabrics, colour curation, design finesse.The meticulous 6-stage fitting process, are critical in achieving the perfect fit.

She wants to change the evolution of modern lingerie by combining innovative design with a revival of the artisanal principles that defined the beautiful, empowering lingerie of the past.
As she says, beautiful lingerie takes time and we need to respect this and appreciate its value.

She is definetly right, this is way we love her ethics and values.

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