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We believe that each one of us is different, with their own personal identity and imperfections. Appearence is one of the best way to express it.


Mary Chorman photography

Mary Chorman – Ukrainian photographer

Read the interview to Mary Chorman, Ukrainian photographer and stylist, speaking about the fashion industry in Ukraine and her future projects. Tell us a bit about yourself and your passion for photography and styling. I am a 23 years old photographer from Ukraine. I have always been interested in photography and fashion, but I have started to follow this passion not so long ago. I graduated from in fashion styling, retouch and photography and more courses in general, because I just love learning and expanding my knowledge. People have always told me to pick one thing but at the end I couldn’t, so I chose to do something which has it all. I organize all my photoshoots. I do the styling, the retouch and the photos. The only thing I do not do is the makeup.

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Shannon O'Doherty interview for Alis 1996

Shannon O’Doherty fashion designer Interview

Around one month ago one of the shooting we worked for has been published on Flanelle Magazine ( here to see it ). During this occasion I had the honor to collaborate with Shannon O’Doherty, UK fashion designer. Her creation caught my attention at first sight. Following is her interview for Alis 1996. Get her to know better and discover upcoming projects. A.P. : So you told me you are from the UK , tell us a bit about your icon inspiration and your background.

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common era

Happy Valentine’s day gift

What is love? How do you know when you love someone? How to love yourself ? These are the typical questions all of us made to himself especially when the day of Love is really near. We believe love should be express everyday and not only on Valenine’s day, but we adore special occasion. They are the perfect time to give a particular present, or just do something different to have a memorable day ( even by yourself ) !

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